The furnace has bunches of odors

I love my fiance so much, but there is a big reason I do all of the cooking. The last time I let him cook, I had to open all of the windows in the cabin in the middle of fall just to get the smoke out, we live in the Northeast, so that meant we were letting in tons of freezing air and losing the pleasant warmth of our central heater, so, if only to keep the building fire alarm from going off, I handle the cooking duties. However, I’ve had a very bad flu the past few afternoons, so my loving fiance has been trying to handle the cooking as best he can manage. Of course, he doesn’t guess he’s bad at it, just that I’m better. The first night, he scorched the bottom of a pot while trying to make me chicken noodle soup. When I woke up in the middle of the night to make tea and try to go back to the bed, the living room was chilly; I couldn’t find a draft at any of the windows, although I turned the vent of the range hood off all the way, and went back to bed with my tea. The next afternoon, I asked my Mom about it. He told me that it was the vent hood being left on–apparently it can suck all of the tepid air out of an cabin in just an hour or two. We had left the vent hood on almost overnight, for at least two hours, and my Mom said that I teach my fiance how to cook better, I really wish it were so straight-forward with him.

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