The heater is finally fixed

My spouse used to believe it was madness when my daughter as well as her spouse lived with us, that they would text if he was in a single bedroom as well as she was in another bedroom.  I told him that those were private thoughts that belonged between them. Last year, the two of us got our first smart cell phones. After that I find him texting myself and others as well as calling myself and others all of the time.  I told him that I was not even twenty feet away, so why didn’t he just come up as well as ask myself and others some of his dumber questions. He apologized, but he said it was more fun as well as a lot easier this way. Yesterday, I decided to ignore his iphone call as well as his text.  After I got the second ringing buzz, I finally headed downstairs. He stood in about 13 inches of water as well as he was really working on the pipes. He said the boiler that heats the water for our hot showers, had sprung a leak. He was trying to get myself and others to call our son, who works as a Heating as well as A/C tech to see if he could come over.  I swiftly grabbed my smartphone as well as call my son, but he didn’t answer. I got a message that he was really working on an old furnace as well as couldn’t talk. I left a message, but I called his main office. They informed myself and others they could send a Heating as well as A/C professional out, but that the business owner was out on an emergency call.  I told them he was my son as well as they said they still couldn’t help. They sent a young Heating as well as A/C tech out, as well as he was able to get the leaking under control as well as repair the pipes. Over the weekend, our son came over to inspect the entire job site as well as make sure his new Heating as well as A/C hiree did a totally relaxing job.

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