The heavy heating

The holidays are probably my favorite time of the year. It is so fun being able to go outside, play in the snow and then come back in to a rotating fireplace. I get to drink cider, hot chocolate and the sweet treats are all around. My favorite part of the holidays is watching the movies though. I love watching Family Man, Christmas Story and A White Christmas. It is so fun cuddling up by the heater and putting on the next movie. Right before the big day my whole family gathers by the TV. We usually marathon a few holiday themed movies. We get our treats, hot drinks and get the heater inspected. It is important to not have a dirty heating system when watching the movie. Not only would the air quality being gross ruin the day, but also having the heater unexpectedly break would be an upset. We need the heating on high and not making any noise too. A dirty heater component makes some grinding and churning sounds. Watching a movie with this distraction would be quite a problem. We get our furnace cleaned, oiled and tightened. We then each pick a holiday movie to watch for the marathon. After we get the treats the whole family gathers around and enjoys the movies. We have quality heating, good food and a great fireplace to keep everything the right temperature. It is great for everyone in the house to have this together time before the big party.

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