The HVAC set up bad

My wife Spencer and I get along like peas in a pod! Sometimes it is like we share the same brain. We both love the same things. We like going out to movies, camping, playing pool, and taking trips to fun locations. We even like the same movies, and we are equally happy about where every one of us are going to travel. Some people believe it is creepy how well we get along. Others believe it is cute. Ever since our first date, we just clicked, We don’t always agree on everything! I particularly do favor cold A/C way more than she does. If had it my way, I would set the thermostat to 62 degrees whenever I was home. I believe because I grew up in a colder temperature, I particularly like my air conditioner to always be keeping me cool. However, my wife  Spencer thinks that the chilly A/C I like is too chilly for her liking. When we have a disagreement it is usually over the thermostat. Of course, we compromise over the thermostat. I love my wife, so I don’t try to make her do whatever I want. I believe that if I have the A/C too low for too long, she is going to be uncomfortable. There are particular circumstances where she is just great letting me have control over our HVAC system. Similarly, there are plenty of times where she is just great letting me be in charge of our thermostat. We always tend to figure everything out though.

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