the kitchen air vents

Not too long ago, I invested a harsh sum of cash into upgrading & fixing up our kitchen. To be real with the rest of the house could have used some work, as well, but that will come later, right now our clean set was locked onto our kitchen, for the real reasons… Having just graduated from the local university, with a big plan of running our own high end catering company, I knew I needed a good working kitchen if I wanted to churn out huge amounts of good food, and my old stove was just too tiny, & no longer will a couple of burners be enough I need a griddle the size of a countertop. I also wanted a high end heating & ac idea to go with our high end kitchen, for a variety of pressing reasons I had never thought of before culinary school. The air quality is of clear importance to the cooking & planning process. All of us smell the food long before the two of us eat it, & this can affect how our brains process taste, so good ventilation is imperative to keep the quality of air from become stale or greasy. I have many air vents along the baseboards of the kitchen, & a few in the ceiling over the stove, as well, then besides air vents, I also needed undoubtedly harsh temperature control for the kitchen, so that I didn’t overheat while I cooked, but also so the meals didn’t get chilly on the counter.

heating and cooling