The theater seating

Playing hockey is something that a lot of folks do in our area. This meant that many of us spent hours and hours being inside of very cold ice rinks enjoying the teams play.  I never genuinely liked hanging out at these types of places because it was so freezing as well as chilly and I would huddle under the overhead heating systems drinking tepid hot chocolate most of the time.  When my daughter was in her senior year of High School my daughter was chosen to attend a month long invitational type thing and this meant that both of us had to travel across the state and stay in a hotel the whole entire time.  I didn’t mind the hotel stay and would have hung out there while doing the games if I was allowed to, however at least there I was warm and comfortable, and i was surprised when both of us had gone and arrived at the rink to find big observation rooms that overlooked the ice rink.  They had theater seating for the families of the players and I wished that every single one of the rinks had the same. If hey did I would never have complained about all those hours enjoying countless games. At least I could dream of this heated, comfortable place the next time I was resting on some chilly freezing metal bench trying not to turn into a popsicle back home at her proper ice hockey rink. That is how I feel about it all.

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