The thermostat isn’t really working

I was residing at home with my parents, when I first got  married. My partner & I had been having a difficult time getting on our feet & dad gave to help us out.  I was hesitant about moving in with them, because I knew they didn’t truly love my partner & I didn’t want them to be uncomfortable.  I tried offering to pay the energy bills, but my dad didn’t want to hear that. I lived there for various weeks before I could afford to get an cabin for my partner & I.  I was seven weeks pregnant & I was still toiling every day. I came home to my current cabin 1 day, only to discover that it was cold inside. My partner got home shortly after & she said she was pretty sure there was a problem with the furnace.  She opened up the door to go to the basement, only to find out that there was staircase. The two of us called the property owner & asked how every one of us could get to the basement to check the furnace. She told us every one of us had to get a ladder to go down.  The two of us didn’t have a ladder. She said every one of us could call the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business. The two of us called the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C supplier & they told us they would not do any more labor on the furnace until the property owner paid her last various bills.  I told my partner & she said she wasn’t paying the bill for the repair. She closed the door & said it wasn’t that cold. I went upstairs & repacked all of my clothing. I called my Dad & dad & asked if I could come home. I left my lazy partner behind.

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