The upstairs heater

I was elated when my older brother graduated and moved out of the house to go to college. There was only one thing that I wanted from him, and that was his old bedroom! My brother was always working to keep me out of his “private room”, and believed none of his siblings were allowed in his room. All he did was spend time with his friends up there, so what was the big deal? I was a super curious kid too, so the mystery of his room typically drove me crazy. It was also up in the attic area, so he also had a great view of the neighborhood. When I asked our parents if I could have it, they said it was fine. I was thrilled! A few weeks passed, and I realized I wasn’t as excited as I thought I’d be. For one, it was so chilly up there I could keep ice cream from melting! The furnace equipment that keeps the house warm in the winter had no connections to the HVAC ducts in the attic, so I had no choice but to rely on this little electric space heater to keep me warm. If I’m being honest, that thing was absolutely worthless. I asked if I could move back down to the old room after a few days, but my parents said that I had to stay up there in the chilly attic and make the most of it. I think they were trying to teach me a lesson at the time, likely about being careful what I wish for. I didn’t learn the lesson too well though, as I was too cold to think about that! It is getting annoying to have to go to bed each night with a coat on, so I’m hoping that winter comes to an end soon. Either that, or I might have to invest in about five more mini space heaters to make it through the season!

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