The winter gets a bit miserable

Let it never be said that one determined person can’t make a large difference. Last week, I started a new temp job working at one of the multiple warehouses for this major online store.  It’s only supposed to be seasonal work, however our boss told me that he prefers my particular work ethic so much that he’s currently recommending me to be put on as a permanent member once the hectic holiday season is over.  And while this is surely good news, it’s not all kittens and rainbows on the flip side. The warehouse work is pretty easy and the boys I work with are awesome for sure, however the warehouse itself is just terrible inside. I thought a dealer like this with these kind of resources would have good HVAC to care for the quality of the inventory their employees work hard to maintain.  Bu, this is not the case at all. Even though it snowed hard last week, the crew doesn’t have any kind of heating and cooling, not even the most basic version. So, I rallied that it wasn’t right for us to have to work separate from any kind of heating device running at all. So, after hours upon hours of arguing with our two bosses, and then arguing with their boss, the crew is finally getting approved to have heating and cooling equipment put in the warehouse. Though they’re saying they can’t hire anyone to do HVAC work till the springtime, our coworkers and I have been okayed to bring our own space furnaces into work. While these devices don’t look like they’re very much at first glance, they make a large difference. We’ve positioned them around all of our work stations, and they all both help us constantly feel and work better. I can get so much more done now that I’m not fighting off the cold so much while shivering in my seat.