The winter house heater

With a major ice storm heading our way this week, my fiance as well as I needed to wrap up our house ASAP.  Plus, we’re entirely a little past time to get this done, however she as well as I are both super busy—we’re the worst workaholics really—so we’ve totally put it off until the last possible minute that we can allow.  She as well as I worked together to get everything ready to go… This meant wrapping up all of our pipes, wrapping up the taps for the hoses, as well as closing up the AC completely. The two of us have central a/c, which means we both have a big outdoor condenser that needs to be protected from extreme weather conditions. While the condenser looks like a big hulking beast in theory, a single sizable tree branch could crush it as well as destroy it entirely in practice, or even a stray icicle could critically damage this outdoor AC condenser. This is why both of us take the time as well as focus to make sure the AC system is shut off both at the component as well as on the circuit breaker in the basement.  Once that’s finally done, the condenser is finally ready to be wrapped up. The people I was with and I use a special tarp that both of us purchased especially for our model of AC unit, but I’m pretty sure you can use any old tarp. However I like this special cover because it came with everything to keep it secure. My fiance as well as I work together to get the condenser covered as snug as it can be. The last thing both of us want is to come back home to find the condenser cover in pieces blowing across the yard. The condenser cover will keep this particular stage of the HVAC system safe from damage due to ice as well as snow, or even icicles that could otherwise damage the blades! Now my fiance as well as I are wintertime ready!