There’s too much debris in here

    My wife and I live in the northeastern area of the country, as well as we absolutely despise the weather.  While the two of us get some boiling temperatures in the summertime, the season is brief though it is also horribly humid.  The home constantly feels overheated as well as clammy, but it doesn’t make sense to invest in central cooling. As is, we only need air conditioner for about six weeks, so we get by with a portable cooling system in our home bedroom.  The portable cooling unit keeps the room nice as well as cool, so we can sleep at night, however the rest of the home is terribly uncomfortable. Both the fall as well as winter seasons are properly cold as well as wet, with gray, cloudy skies.  By the end of September, the temperature is usually so cold that I’m forced to start up the gas furnace. Hoping to save a little money, I wait as long as possible to start heating the house. My wife bundles up in sweaters as well as complain about how cold she is.  Once I supply heat by cranking up the temperature control, the gas furnace will blast non stop for eight straight months. I spend money on enormous heating bills, as well as the home becomes stuffy as well as dry. For the sake of saving even more money, I take every precaution to prevent energy waste.  I make sure to caulk around the windows, weather-strip around the doors, as well as I’ve stuffed insulation into every possible crack, crevice as well as corner. This keeps outside air from coming inside, reduces our weekly costs, as well as creates a more energy efficient home. However, it also traps contaminants within the indoor environment, which then get recirculated as well as breathed by us.  To prevent health complications, I’ve had to invest in a whole home air purification system, which runs all the time.

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