Thermostat settings are important

As a member of the leasing department, I am in charge of all things that have to do with our accounts.  Whether it is a sink not draining, or a heating or cooling unit that is not keeping the regular climate controlled.  Or maybe an eating establishment that has bad indoor air conditions. The two of us currently have so many buildings that are mixed-use zoned.  One important commercial building has 2 eating establishments, many offices plus even some living spaces. Currently, the amount of leasing accounts that all of us have are many plus varied.  After the Heating & Air Conditioning, plumbing plus electrical equipment is installed, it must then be properly tested. The assets plus the life of these buildings are too important. As a leasing agent, I bring home a livelihood from finding the correct leaseholders for the right office space, but that will be impossible without finely working Heating & Air Conditioning, plumbing plus electrical.  Right now, I have 2 living units that want a Heating & Air Conditioning tune-up; 1 retail store that is not heating up properly plus many units that have plumbing issues. Currently, the ventilation in a kitchen of 1 of the eating establishments is not pulling the sizzling air out, as it should, resulting in a bad indoor air quality for that eating establishment. These are just some of the calls for Heating & Air Conditioning plus plumbing service that I’ve taken this week.  That does not count the busy Heating & Air Conditioning preventive maintenance on our calendar. Without the necessary Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance, it would be just impossible to keep everything leased. Just the need for modern air conditioning system filters, plus the Heating & Air Conditioning tune-ups are huge, but beneficial.

air quality system