These odors are a pain

I am not a camping type of girl, but it took myself and my partner a single camping trip to realize it too. I thought I might care about hiking plus getting a workout! Sleeping in a tent did not sound so bad, however well, the whole experience was horrible. Then, I did the camping trip in the fall while it was still cold. So I was frozen to the core the whole time. I was cold while walking, while I was by the fire plus especially cold at night in our tent… There is no way to bring any form of heating on the camping trip, but if there was, I would have hiked all the way up with an electric heating system strapped to my back. It was just horrible to be so cold. I also realized that sleeping in a tent was bad. The no heating, tough ground plus small area made it seem like some form of punishment. I was being cut off from our sizable bed with bamboo sheets plus fantastic temperature control. I also was being punished by not being allowed to shower, use a toilet or brush my teeth, but my partner is hot to trot about camping, she likes hiking plus sleeping in her tent. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how someone is willing to be separated from running water, a nice bed plus quality heating and air conditioning. What is the point of getting rid of all of that plus being outside? I could set her up in our backyard if she wants that. I then would stay inside with our heating system cranked plus running water.