These settings aren’t too bad

My cousin Justin has been complaining so much lately. I expect this to happen whenever the warmer months come up and the heat and humidity rise. I’ll even try to avoid speaking with him because I can’t stand having to hear about his problems. If I happen to see him in the city, I’ll dash into a building to avoid hearing about how much he’s been sweating lately. Justin and his girlfriend live in an older apartment that has absolutely no air conditioning system. I’ve asked, but I’m not quite sure why it can’t be installed. Justin told me that they have a boiler as well as baseboard heating, so there are no air ducts in their apartment. Last month I was hopeful that the problem would be solved when they were able to obtain a window unit for their  bedroom, but unfortunately I was wrong. Justin then started to complain that the noise of the unit as well as his girlfriend’s snoring were keeping him up in the evening. However, he admitted that the cool air was nice even though he had to lay awake most nights because he couldn’t concentrate without peace and quiet. I recommended that he contact my personal HVAC company to see what solutions they could offer them. Surely, there has to be some sort of technology on the market that runs quietly and efficiently in older apartments. That being said, I don’t know what advice to give him about his girlfriend’s snoring. I hope he takes my advice and can find a nice HVAC unit to suit their space.

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