They reminded me of a few things

It has come to this.  I find myself walking into a room without any idea what I came to that room for.  I sort of look around hoping something will jog my memory. But, I’m not fooling anybody.  My family laughs at the way I try to pretend I entered the room just to say hi. Please God, don’t let it be dementia.  I am chalking it up to just being super forgetful by nature while having a head far too full of information. But, I don’t like being forgetful.  I have let some important stuff get by me because I didn’t remember them. One of the things I am most forgetful of is the HVAC heating and cooling system.  I don’t know why because I adjust the temperature nearly everyday of my life. I hear it running and enjoy the resulting cool or warmth generated by it. Yet, I cannot seem to remember to do the stuff I’m responsible for when it comes to the HVAC unit.  The HVAC company is always calling me to remind me to schedule an HVAC tune up. I simply keep forgetting to call them back. And, don’t get me started on the air filters. The HVAC air filter need to be changed every 30 days without fail. However, I may go months before I remember to change them.  Forgetting to replace the air filter can put added strain on the HVAC unit. A dirty filter chokes out vital air flow the HVAC needs to operate effectively and efficiently. Perhaps, I will program alarms into my phone to remind me. Now, if I only knew where my phone is.