This is what I truly want

While our dinner was cooking on the top rack of my new oven, I decided to do a bit of homework in our living room. I had the air conditioner running, you see, as it was too sizzling hot to be comfortable. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my air conditioner once I turned it on…and I truly wish I had. I walked out of the living room only for a minute to see how the roast that I had in the oven was coming along. I knew that I should add some liquid to the roast so it didn’t get overly dry, but something else caught my attention. My smoke alarm started to beep, so I immediately assumed that our dinner was burning. I knew that couldn’t be since I was in the living room. I went back into that room, and I noticed there was smoke coming out of the air conditioner unit. I was at a loss as to what to do, so I quickly turned it off. I let it chill for a while, but then the smoke started billowing again. Then, however, I saw flames coming out of the back into the open air. The only thing I could do was to shove the air conditioner out of my window. I pushed it out and unfortunately it landed on our largest rosebush. It was kind of dry at that time, so I hastily ran around the house and then I grabbed the hose. I’m quite glad I had the hose since the rosebush was now burning, right up against the house. Luckily I got the fire out rapidly. I headed back into the house in time to see our dinner starting to literally go up in smoke.