This place is amazing

The other day I had went with my family out to dinner. When we walked into this place it was like there was no air conditioning, and it was hot outside! When I say there was no a/c or cooling system, I mean before we could even order our food we were perspiring with sweat! No 1 cares about eating when they are hot. I guess I lost my appetite when I get too hot, however and that’s the point I was at too. I understand they were still fixing the building and trying to update it, but cooling system is very pressing and they should make sure that they have cooling system throughout the whole building. I wasn’t the only one hot. It was all the people in my party that was complaining as well. We all asked to speak to the manager and told them it just too tepid hot to be in the back and trying to eat. We asked to be moved to another seating section that had a fan or cooling system. Unfortunately, the eating establishment was already overcrowded and didn’t have any room to move us somewhere else. The manager apologized, but the people I was with and I had no option but to leave and find somewhere else to eat that did have cooling system. It was just too tepid hot in that place to even think about food much less try and eat. It was a terrible experience. We found somewhere else that was much better and we had a great lunch.

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