Too close to the fireplace

Everyone learns their lessons at different times in life. That’s for sure when it comes to looking at the bank accounts in my home. One is managed properly by an adult, and one seems to be held by an irresponsible teenager. My apologies, that was just me getting at my childlike husband. Don’t get me wrong, I may be joking around, but he can be a nightmare. He always gets all these kid-like fantasies that are completely unrelated to reality. I find myself having to yank him back down from the clouds to be a responsible human being over and over again. The last idea was centered around the Christmas spirit. First, my husband decided to go out and purchase the largest Christmas tree that he could possibly have found. It was easily wider than six feet, so it hardly fit into the house with all of our strength. What made it worse was that he went out and got the tree before thanksgiving. Meaning the whole tree was shedding like a beast within a few weeks. There were dried pine needles everywhere. Next is something hard to believe. He decided that we needed to have the fireplace up and running come Christmas in order to complete the atmosphere in the room. He even shut off the furnace so that we couldn’t even rely on central heat. We were forced to be nice and cozy down by the fireplace. We were nice and wrapped up, shivering under heavy blankets in the intense cold of the house when things really got going. The Christmas tree quite literally went up in flames. The large, dried out tree was so large, it couldn’t help but be too close to the fireplace. We got to test out our new fire extinguisher that day. Happy Holidays.

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