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It’s unbelievable what you can learn from tutorials & informative videos on the computer.  It’s so convenient to be able to watch a video on just about any topic that you desire to learn about and then come away with so much important information to make sound informative decisions.  I was pleased to find a fantastic alternative to a conventional a/c system after viewing a series of videos on heating & a/c plans. My older house did not have a central air system nor air ducts installed.  So I searched the world wide web looking for cost effective & energy efficient options to cool our house without utilizing the less effective window a/c units. I found a certified heating & air corporation online that flaunts the benefits of investing in a small duct high – velocity air conditioner particularly for homes that did not have air ducts installed.  The small duct high – velocity air conditioner is somewhat similar to the traditional a/c system that may be found in newer homes. It has an outside condenser equipment and an indoor coil component. How it differs is by the method with which it distributes air throughout the home. Because many older homes were not built for forced air heating, the small duct – high velocity air condition system has the distribution system and the blower coil in our attic.  This system also uses a insulated flexible tubing that are about two inches wide. A qualified Heating, Ventilation & A/C service worker would place these between the walls, ceilings & floors without needing to tear them down. After I completed the video, I hit the like button then instantaneously called our local heating & a/c dealer.

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