Want a fresh cooling filter

I have a lot of dust sensitivity problems. Living where I do in the south, the indoor as well as outdoor air quality is honestly not good for me. I have a constant stuffy nose as well as runny nose as well through most of the year, depending on the afternoon of the week… Part of the problem is that I am constantly in air conditioning all the time. My nurse said breathing in nothing but air conditioning all the time also flares up my allergies. She then explained about about whole-condo air purifiers that may help a little bit with my dust sensitivity issues. It is something I am for sure going to be looking into. Changing out my air filters every month just isn’t cutting it; it does not in any way, shape or form seem to help with the matter! On Monday, I will be making a call to my local heating, cooling as well as air conditioning business to get this looked into. I’m going to take out a loan if the price is incredibly high–anything to be able to stop or at least ease the allergies as well as still be able to utilize my air conditioning. It is near impossible to live here in the southern region of the US without an Heating & Air Conditioning plan or air conditioning. I constantly have my air conditioning cranked 90% of the year because it is too darn hot as well as yucky! Air conditioning is constantly needed here in the south. Once I can financially do so, I think I might move away from the south entirely.

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