Want the cooling system fixed up

It took my fiance in addition to I a couple of years to save up for our new cooling equipment. The two of us needed something rather energy efficient, in addition to my fiance in addition to I did not want to go in debt in the slightest. The two of us saved money for so many years, by eating at our property in addition to carpooling to and from work. The two of us installed the new cooling equipment a few weeks ago, in addition to it has worked great. The cooling equipment hardly ever runs, because the system is so efficient. Our whole property stays colder for much longer, in addition to there is much less humidity in the air. My fiance in addition to I have appreciated using the cooling equipment we worked so hard to earn… Last weekend, the two of us had some mighty powerful thunderstorms in our area. The two of us had a great deal of rain, lightning, in addition to golf ball-sized hail. The big tree in our neighbor’s yard was struck by lightning. Unluckily, it toppled over in addition to fell right on top of our garage. The corner of our lake property was severely disfigured, including all of the contents inside. Our brand new cooling equipment was crushed similar to a can of frappuccino. The two of us have been reduced to using a window cooling system unit, while the insurance company manages our repairs. The window cooling equipment unit only cools a single room. The two of us had to obtain estimates from building Contractors, Heating plus Air Conditioning dealers, in addition to plumbing dealers. There was a ton of disfigurement, in addition to it will truly take a few weeks of construction to repair all of the issues we currently have. I suppose the insurance company will replace our cooling system unit, however it makes me totally sad to see that really nice unit reduced to rubble.

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