We are using too much cooling

Running has always been a hobby of mine. It’s the perfect way to exercise. I get out and see the neighborhood.  I keep track of what everyone is up to, and see who is working on their house. I run nearly every afternoon. I wearing headphones and listen to music from my Ipod while I run. The music makes the experience even more pleasant.  Last Summer, I started waking up earlier than usual for my daily job. Setting my alarm so early wasn’t because I like getting up early. I would much rather sleep in, bit the local area experienced heatwave. It was the hottest summer we’ve had in the last fifty years.  I I didn’t get up and get going, the heat of the day made running nearly impossible. That heat was a problem for more than just my morning runs. I paid a huge electric bill over the Summer months. The cost increased drastically due to the increased use of the air conditioner.  I really looked forward to getting back from a run and stepping into a nice, cool, air conditioned house. I operated the cooling system early in the day for a way to cool down after each run. During the afternoon, the air conditioner was crucial to combat the near 100 degree Fahrenheit or higher conditions outside. Indoor cooling was essential due to the heat and humidity.  While I wasn’t happy about the steep increase in the electric bills from the added energy usage, I knew it was par for the course. I live in a region known for hot and brutal summer weather. With the arrival of fall, I hoped for cooler weather but not much has changed. I’m still relying on the cooling system.