We aren’t following the rules

When it comes to house hunting, my husband and I love the no rules rule.  I love going by houses and peeking into the open windows to see what is inside the house.  I know it sounds a bit like a peeping tom, but I don’t care about the people. I just like looking into homes, and if you don’t want me to look, you shouldn’t have the curtains open.  That is just my opinion. When we decided to go house hunting, I was finally able to look into all of these house, and not feel odd about it. My husband comes from a family that owns a HVAC contracting business.  To him, going into a home is permission for him to look into the complete heating and air conditioning system and to check out the wiring. More than three quarters of the time we spend in the houses, will find him hanging out in the basement.  He looks at the furnace and the air conditioning, and he will even check out the air filter. He refuses to buy a house if the owners don’t take care of the HVAC system. He will inspect the ductwork, and he looks to see if it has a generator in the home.  I have to laugh because the realtor using gets a bit upset with us. She wants to move on to the next house, and last week, I saw her tapping her toe as he said he just wanted to check one more thing on the AC before we left. He forgot to check the coolant level.

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