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My mom never understood the cost of using her heating equipment so much in the Wintertime. She simply adjusted the control unit in her house to the mid-eighties, rather than throw another log into the fireplace, or maybe grab an extra blanket. She joked that manual labor like this was for “poor people” – she herself lived in poverty for years. What happens in the warm season for her, though? She can’t help increasing that control device way down into the sixties. She walks around the house with two paper fans, fanning herself just to stay cool, forgetting how there’s a few tricks she can use to beat the heat. Her house is rife with fans, as every room has a ceiling fan – even the dining room. Those fans will help to bring the temperature down a bit, and transfer that conditioned air around the house. I told her that it encourages a better air quality and temperature control for the house, but she didn’t listen. I changed my approach, and explained how there are some behavioral changes that will absolutely help to improve the efficiency of her home’s Heating plus A/C system. Along with the ceiling fan, which costs little to run, she should consistently close her blinds plus curtains! She hates the public, so she don’t need to see outside. All that it will accomplish is heat up the home and force the a/c on. Closing your blinds during the hottest time of day will help to lower the demands on your a/c unit! Not forcing the Heating plus A/C to task so hard will do wonders to keep the equipment working well. As these steps to save energy are genuinely small in the overall use of your Heating plus A/C, the savings you reap won’t become apparent until your a/c device is absolutely working at its most efficient, so don’t forget to replace the air filter before you start looking for savings!

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