We need to get the mold out

My wife and I took a deep breath after the completion of our bathroom remodeling project. We sat there looking around the living room, knowing that this was going to be another huge project.  She laughed and said that she was getting too old for this. We found that we needed to add a ventilation system into the bathroom, which involved putting an exhaust fan in, plus the exhaust escape, through the roof.  When we ripped up the flooring to prepare for the radiant heating, we found rotted floor boarding underneath the floor tiles. It’s hard to believe, that someone actually just covered the rotted wood with ceramic tiles, instead of replacing it. Why no one fell through the floor is still a mystery. The adding of the radiant heating was an easy job compared to putting in the ventilation system or replacing the ceiling.  Next, we had to buy a new vanity, because whoever did the wiring was trying to burn the house down. The wiring was literally a hot mess. The bathroom finally looked beautiful. The new fan was barely audible and the circulation was perfect. Then we ended up putting in a new ceiling in the basement, because the rotted floorboards allowed moisture to get into the ceiling and mold spread like wildfire. I chuckled and told him that it may have been cheaper to just abandon the beach house and buy the Taj Mahal. The bathroom costs were way more than we expected to pay for the entire project; however, we have radiant heating in the floors now.

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