We’re very excited about this

It recently occurred to me that  if you want something specific, you have to make it yourself. I had the idea that it wouldn’t be too hard to find a two bedroom house with an art studio, basement, attic and garage. Turns out I was wrong.  The houses I did look at were not up to my standards once I got inside and took a look around. After a weeks of looking, I realized I would have to draw up my own specs and build my own house or, at least have one built for me. Lots of my friends and family work in the construction industry, and, I specialize in installing HVAC systems and air ducts. I realized I could have it all done just how I wanted it to be done. Now, I couldn’t get working on the air ducts because the rest of the house had to be well underway before I could begin my work on it. Once all the framework went up, I could begin installing air ducts before the drywall got hung. I maxed out the efficiency of the air duct system, using fewer of them while placing them where they would be needed the most. Instead of putting air filters in the bathroom fans, I used exhaust vents so the fans would pull air up and out then blast it outside. Little improvements like this were going to lower the indoor air pollen levels of the house and make it super efficient. I can’t wait to move in, so I can use my HVAC system for the first time.

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