What an incredible HVAC system

I want to get our dad a ductless mini split for Christmas. To get him this HVAC unit will be tricky though. First, the cost of ductless HVAC is considerable. I don’t usually spend that much on our dad for Christmas. So, I need to convince one of our siblings to chip in with me. The two of us could buy the HVAC system and HVAC upgrade together. I don’t need both of them to chip in though. Next, really getting the HVAC installed will be hard. My dad is apartment all afternoon long. He rarely leaves and when he does, it is not for long. I will again, need to coordinate with one of our siblings. They need to take our dad anywhere for a few sixths. Maybe they could see a film and then eat out. I then could schedule a HVAC upgrade date. I then would need to wait and babysit the HVAC supplier. After this, I would need to hide the fact that our dad has a ductless mini split. My father is pretty oblivious to things, but not that blind. Hiding the ductless mini split will be hard. That is why I need the ductless HVAC installed as close to Christmas as possible. It will cost way more currency since it is nearing emergency HVAC time. Also, the availability for HVAC companies will be not as open. How am I going to get this done? I could wait until after the holidays. But, I like the idea of our dad having everything all set up and ready for him on the afternoon.

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