Why won’t my heater turn on?

Recently I bought a new furnace for my home.  I wasn’t planning on buying the new furnace, but I knew it was getting old and I may as well buy it sooner and not wait for it to leave  me in the cold. Most of the stores were having some kind of Black Friday special, and I had to laugh when I saw the grocery stores were also having their version of Black Fridays sales.  When I realized the HVAC company was having also having a Black Friday sale, I went to their showroom. They had a lot of furnace models to choose from. I looked at all of those that high energy efficiency.  I knew what I didn’t want, but I wasn’t really sure of what I did want. I asked a lot of questions of the salesperson who was also a HVAC technician. He gave me all the answers I needed. He also told me they were running a special on certain models of furnaces.  They were offering free delivery, installation and take away if it was scheduled within seven days of purchase. This made the deal even sweeter. I knew that this service alone, could cost me up to $1000. I decided on the electric furnace and I went over to sign the papers and set up my delivery and installation date.  I was worried when I was given a date that was outside the seven day period. The HVAC technician guaranteed me that the installation would all be free, because they were the ones that were backed up.

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