Wifi operated thermostat at home

About a year ago, I was able to organize my work schedule to handle everything from home.  Working from home has been a great transition. I wasn’t sure I would like being alone, but I absolutely adore it. I no longer require setting an alarm, and I can stay in my pajamas. I’m not forced to drive through bad weather conditions to get to my place of work. I’m not annoyed by coworkers, and I listen to some great music throughout the day. I just kick back, sip coffee and work whenever I want. However, I need to be as dutiful as possible. I’ve invested in some improvements to my home office to make it more nice.  An ergonomic swivel chair and high quality desk truly helped. Adding a smart thermostat and zone control to the HVAC system has made a sizeable difference. The smart thermostat allows access to temperature control, monitoring and HVAC management through my smart devices. I don’t need to go to the hallway to make adjustments. The smart thermostat has learned my behavior and automatically sets all my preferences. Plus, the thermostat keeps me notified of maintenance needs, energy saving opportunities, humidity percentage, weather and more. The zone control allows independent thermostat settings in various rooms in the house. I can adjust heating or cooling only in my office if I want.  I can keep this particular room perfectly comfortable without paying to keep the rest of the house at that same temperature. This saves me a boatload of money on monthly utility bills and reduces strain on the climate control system.