Window ac was a game changer

Maybe it’s some sort of crazy visual overload or sensory thing.  I can walk into these important situations with every intention of firing off questions or meticulously inspecting details.  But, those intentions simply float away and I seem to forget to pay close attention. Maybe I got dropped on my head too much as a young kid.  I just rented a condo I thought was just awesome. There are, no doubt, excellent qualities about the new spot I’m living in. Except, once again, I missed stuff that was extremely important, like water pressure, window treatments as well as number of electrical outlets on the walls.  The detail I honestly should have caught was the placement of the air vents. The heating and cooling vents are in the wackiest places in the condo. I have one air register directly over the toilet but none in the dining room nor in the kitchen. There are two heating and cooling registers in the garage.  But, God forbid they put a couple of air conditioning vents in the bedrooms. What were their plans when they did it this way? And, this is not an ancient house that was chopped up into numerous small units either. This condo appears to have been built this way from the beginning. I called the heating and cooling repairman to see if he might have any ideas on how to deal with my air register situation.  Aside from adding more registers, the air conditioner repairman came up with only one other usable idea. He suggested I utilize the new portable cooling systems available at most hardware stores. These cooling systems are not your Mom or Dad’s variety. While they are still vented through a window, the portable units offer the ability to readily transport them around any room. Additionally, these cooling system units are far more efficient than the traditional window units most are familiar with.  The heating and air conditioning tech advised me that I could get myself an effective unit for around $350. I dislike spending that amount but it sure beats having to sit on the toilet to cool off.

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