Wood burning stoves for rural homes

My future father in law lives so far out in the middle of nowhere that neither of our cellphones work. I have to give my family a heads up everytime I head out here that I will only be reachable by their landline until I return again. However, it is the worth the loss of our precious social media to visit with my fiance’s dad and spend some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This little village is nestled around a massive lake. The houses here are not the huge elaborate lake homes that folks are used to seeing in the northeast; they’re all just normal sized homes owned by blue collar families. It’s so rural out here no one wants to pay the money to build a giant home where they need to get satellite internet. More than that, the houses are all on single lane dirt roads, making it near impossible for large trucks like oil delivery tanks. For that reason, most homes out on the lake don’t actually have a modern oil furnace or gas boiler. Out here, homes are still heated by wood burning stoves. These wood burning stoves work the same way a wood burning fireplace does, only better. The wood burning stoves have ductwork which enables them to heat a lake house in the same way a traditional central heater would. In this way, my future father in law can heat a three bedroom house without too much trouble. I’m looking forward to taking the boat out on the lake tonight and stargazing with my future sister in law, while my fiance tries to catch catfish.

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