Working in the HVAC plant

I work as a sales rep for a major construction supply company, which has a ton of perks! See, being on the road for half of the week means that I don’t get a ton of time to focus on the state of my home. Occasionally, things slip my mind – and they can also end up slipping my mind for weeks, or even months at a time! By then, a minor maintenance has become a major maintenance visit from  some kind of professional; Such an unfortunate thing came to pass a few weeks ago, when I came back from being on the road & found that my house was hotter than a brick oven! It would seem that I forgot to shut the a/c unit off before leaving earlier that week, & in turn the a/c system overworked itself during a major heatwave in my town, i then had to not only schedule an appointment for the Heating & A/C professionals to stop in & make the repairs, but I had to be forced to work from home for a few days & miss some of the major meetings with clients! It was worth it to ensure that my house always had excellent a/c once again, when the heating & a/c specialists got here, they came in full force – they not only repaired the burned-out components in the air condenser outside, but also performed a whole system check-up for my a/c unit as well as my gas furnace & fireplace too! While they were there, I figured it was worth asking about one of those smart thermostat devices, since I would be out of town often & don’t consistently remember to turn off the a/c system before leaving. They strongly recommended I get one!

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