Working on prevention

Sometime last Summer,  my spouse and our kids spent an entire Friday & Saturday out on a fishing trip.  They returned home from the lake house with a cooler teeming with fish, which I put into the freezer.  Every one of us completely forgot about the fish until multiple months later. My spouse asked me one day if I would cook the fish for our supper that night.  Although I soaked the fish in milk for many hours, marinated as well as could be, the smell was just disgusting. After smelling the baking of the fish, none of us could bring ourselves to eat any of it.  So we ended up eating all the leftovers in the refrigerator that night, and tossed all the fish out with the trash. Unfortunately, we could not get rid of the stink. Since this was the middle of the Winter season, the condo was sealed up well, and the gas furnace was running.  With the outside temperatures often dropping well below freezing, all of us couldn’t simply open the windows. I tried cleaning with disinfectants, spraying aerosol room deodorizers, setting out air fresheners as well as burning scented candles, but nothing could disguise the stink of fish.  I became convinced that the stench had gotten pulled into the duct system as well as spread throughout our home. I finally contacted a local Heating & Air Conditioning corporation to service the gas furnace as well as HVAC ductwork. The Heating & Air Conditioning service’s comfort specialist explained that any buildup of contaminants within the heating device, and additionally in the HVAC ducts, can trap smell causing particles as well as amplify odors.  Along with a thorough cleaning of the ductwork and the furnace’s components, he advised that I invest in a whole-home air cleaner. The air cleaner system works with the gas furnace, and cleans the air in the condo multiple times per hour. It traps pet dander, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold spores, as well as also helps to eliminate undesirable fumes and control residual odors. Because of the air cleaner, our condo finally smells wonderful again. It also stays cleaner and feels much fresher as well as healthier.

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