Writing About HVAC

I am a freelance writer. I have been doing all sorts of writing assignments for about ten years now. The gigs have changed over the years, and some writing assignments are more challenging than others. Some are more interesting than others. I have written actual books, edited books for non-native English speakers at the university, written articles for magazines, and even more. One of the most common ways freelance writers earn money is through SEO writing. This writing is used on the backend of websites and helps a website get closer to the top of the Google hit list. I have written a lot of SEO articles, and it usually gets boring and doesn’t pay all that much, but it usually steady. The longest I have written for one client is about two years or so, and I always write about HVAC systems. Apparently my client has a client who runs a heating and cooling business, because all I ever seem to write about is HVAC with zone control, thermostats, and furnaces. It’s not all that hard to write about; in fact, it is pretty easy. As long as the HVAC articles are a certain length, are written without a bunch of mistakes, and utilize the keywords about the air conditioning and heating industry, the articles are fine. Every so often, some person gets asked to rate another writer’s writing quality, which I hate;  I mean, really, how exciting can 250 words about air ducts actually be? I am really grateful for the opportunity to bring some side money, though. Writing about HVAC helps me pay for mine!

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