Zone controlled environment

I was studying an article in a condo lovers magazine about incorporating zone controlled heating and cooling in your home. Tons of homes are equipped with central HVACs that are single systems circulating all of the air in your home.  You set the thermostat and the machine works very hard to maintain that temperature in every room of your house. For several people this setup is perfect, especially if you have a big family that is using up most of the rooms in your home day to day.  But for others, the idea of having individual climate control in all of the rooms in your home is amazing. You don’t have to lose any money heating and cooling rooms that go unused, either as storage or otherwise. It also makes sure that all of the members of your household have their own temperature control, adding to everyone’s overall comfort overall.  This is usually accomplished by installing ductless mini split a/c units in every room or “area” that you wish to supply discreet climate control. The necessary wiring is fed through the wall to a tiny outside condenser unit. The energy efficiency is often much higher than some household central HVAC systems, and the units can be installed essentially anywhere there is an outer wall. You can have them in your kitchens, family room, family room, powder room, office, and more.  The best part is that you don’t need HVAC duct of any kind! For several this is essential. Tons of outdated buildings weren’t designed with indoor a/c in mind and can be particularly difficult to fit a full sized ventilation system.

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