A better cooling unit

Did you guess that your boiler could connect to radiant floors? I had no system that this existing until a month ago. I did some research online about our old boiler system. The boiler had been in our loft for years just heating our home. I then heard the boiler could do so many more things besides loft heating. After researching, I found hydronic heating. How this works is connecting piping to the boiler. The boiler heats a bunch of water plus pushes the warm water through the piping. The piping is installed within the floorboards of the house. The warmed up piping is what creates radiant floors. How awesome is that? Apparently hydronic heating is truly efficient too. I have only had our hydronic heating system for 1 month. So I have not seen savings yet. But, according to what I have read, the heating system is not appreciate a gas furnace. With a gas furnace, the heated air rises to the ceiling since warm particles are lighter. With radiant floors, the warm air stays at the lowest level. Since your lower body is constantly warm, you know naturally warmer. This means you are able to set your control component lower. Lower control component means less heating needed plus this means lower bills. Also, with hydronic heating, everything that touches the floors absorbs the heat. So the couch, chairs plus table all know heated with this system. I have observed this personally. So far, after only a month I love our heated flooring system. I can’t wait until the radiant floors save me money too.

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