Learning about HVAC care

I knew I was going to pursue an engineering degree in my junior year of high school. Once I knew I was going to do so, I kept picturing my college years involving me making cool gadgets that all of my friends could use. By the end of my freshman year of college, though, all I was able to make was a very poorly functioning flashlight. I was burnt out from high school, so I was just a little unmotivated. To top it off, my professors weren’t exactly helpful in getting us excited about our classes. One of our courses consisted of an entire class being dedicated to watching a two-hour long video about installing an HVAC system within someone’s home. Coincidentally, the heating and air conditioning system wasn’t working in our building. It was the middle of summer, so the classroom was incredibly hot and stuffy. It was bad enough having to watch a dull video about HVAC installation, but doing so while I was sweating all over my notes was far worse. One day I was actually feeling so sick from the heat that I had to walk out. I told the professor what was going on and told him I would be back when the HVAC equipment was up and running again. In the meantime, I read the lecture notes online from my nicely air conditioned dorm room. I was glad I was still able to push through that bad week, since a lot of my classmates actually dropped that course because the heat was intolerable. Yeah, it was really uncomfortable, but I wasn’t about to drop a whole course for it. Talk about a waste of tuition money.

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