The combination of heated floors

My philosophy is easy enough -just make sure you consistently have at least 2 plans! Plan A is of course how you want things to be. But program B is your backup in case things don’t go as planned; Simple, right? Well, despite the simplicity of having 2 plans to choose from, some homeowners will act in such a way when it comes to their beach house and that’s how they remain comfortable. My older sibling is just that way, too. He often complains to me and others about how things never seem to go his way. Still, I try to remind him that he can improvise and even find other ways to do things. One good example of this is with our home’s heating system, where we recently renovated the first floor, so the entire lower level of our beach house is warmed with a radiant heating program. It really warms the beach house from the ground up! This is an appealingly effective – plus safe – way to keep sizzling warm in the winter, however I’ll admit that it may not be powerful enough to keep me super warm when the difficult freezing weather comes. To help get through those bitter freezing nights, I have the small gas-lit fireplace in our family room, and unlike a real fireplace that requires wood logs to keep it going, our gas-lit fireplace is contained plus it is constant. I still should be careful not to fall asleep, though, while the fireplace is lit. Even though I won’t have to worry as much about the fire possibly getting out of control when I’m not able to get to it because I’m sleeping. However, with these 2 systems ready to go, I guess I have our program A plus program B ready for the weather that’s coming this winter!

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