A chain of buffets

What is your most annoying fear in life? Flying? Being murdered? Getting lost? Well, those would be typical fears, but personally, my largest phobia is aging. There are so many aspects to getting older that scare the crap out of me. I don’t want to lose my hair or get all wrinkly, or to become weak or go blind from macular degeneration. I don’t want to watch people dying around myself and others from diseases and medical mistakes. I also don’t want to wind up alone and lonely. I guess it’s been all of these thought I’ve been having that recently inspired myself and others to resign from my profession, leave our family, plus start a different life. I guess it’s for the best. For nearly thirty years, I’ve finally working in the financial industry, however not anymore. My new career is going to be a little cooler. I’m going back to college to become a central cooling plus AC specialist here in my new community! I made the decision as I was driving away from the house I just paid off, various states away at this point, plus passed by a big billboard proclaiming all about the benefits of getting a brand up-to-date Heating plus A/C certification program. Well, I determined that was as great a locale as any to establish our up-to-date roots, plus I pulled over the car and wrote down the phone number. I rented an apartment, plus enrolled in the Heating plus A/C trades college right away. It will be a 14 month program, at which point I’ll take the HVAC certification test. When I pass the HVAC certification test, I go to work for one of local Heating plus A/C shops, if nothing else. I’m pumped for this up-to-date life I’m starting, plus I can’t wait to get started on all our heating plus cooling equipment coursework.

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