A chronic smoker

When my mother passed on, she left all of her earthly possessions in a will for her kids. My oldest sister was given her collection of jewelry, while my brother inherited her car. She barely drove it, so while the mileage was low, he had to do some work to get the car in working order. Meanwhile, I got the best inheritance of all – my mother’s four-bedroom house, where all of us were raised. It was a palace, and for my wife and I, it was the perfect house to raise a family in. There was just one little problem: My mom passed fairly early in life, because she was a chronic smoker who went through three packs of cigarettes a day. The house itself reflected her smoking habits, because the walls were stained and darkened by years of smoke, as were the ceilings. Still, the worst part of the entire house was the smell. Oh man, no matter where I went in the house, I felt like I had my nose in an ashtray! I reached out to a handful of restoration experts, HVAC professionals and anyone in between. Aside from tearing down the wallpaper and repainting the ceilings, the HVAC professionals heavily recommended installing an air purifier. Designed to purify the air in the house, air purifiers also help immensely to slowly pull lingering odors out of a house. Sure, the purifier wasn’t going to do all the work on its own, but I was glad knowing there was something that could help us bring this house to a bearable point. I think the house will get there in time, but I don’t know if my wife will be willing to tolerate the scent!

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