A heat pump plan

As a kid, I dealt with bloody noses on a proper basis. Any time the weather shifted, rapidly increasing temperatures changed on a big scale, or the atmosphere was super dry, I bled. It was just a thing. It happened almost bi-weekly in some cases. There was never any time for it; it would even happen in the middle of the night. However, they were worse in the colder months. With the outside being so cold, the air was dry. Inside, it was warm, however again dry. I would have problems a lot in the winter. All of us knew it was because of the dry air. Finally, we obtained a humidifier- which help to add moisture to the air- to help out the air issue. The humidifier came on multiple times a afternoon (it was on a timer plus would get shut off before bed each night) plus worked in tandem with the gas furnace to prevent the air from drying out too badly. It helped prevent our problems; I started to have bloody noses less plus less. It also kept everyone from having dry throats, which was another regular issue at that time of year. Not because we were sick, however because of the dry air. The humidifier was also a blessing while in the summer. Even though it was war outside, the home still would get dry from the air conditioning. My nose concern would peak again in Summer due to the rapidly increasing temperatures, so the humidifier was a blessing in that. I thoroughly suggest a humidifier to prevent dryness- no matter what climate you are in.