A new kind of heating and air

I’ve now been running a bed and breakfast for the past several years and I entirely love it. It’s just so much fun to meet people who are traveling across the country. This year I’ve met people from all over the globe! I’ve had some really interesting conversations with many of them and I’ve also made some very nice friends whom I still keep in touch.  One of the very things that I’ve now observed while running this bed and breakfast is how bizarre people’s heating and air conditioner needs can be when they are from weird areas of this country. For instance, people who come from the south assume that it’s just way too freezing here in the upper midwestern section of the country where I live now. They always ask us to turn on the oil furnace or to even set up a space furnace in their room because they are so freezing when they are here. I kinda find it’s funny because while midwestern Winters can be brutal, our summertimes and the Springs are undoubtedly mild.  Then the southerners always want to go turn up the thermostat! I don’t really mind, usually, but sporadically I feel it gets overly boiling in our house. Then at least I have that zone control heating and a/c installed for the bed and breakfast section of the house. My private rooms actually do not have zone controlled heating and a/c, but that’s okay since I usually keep the thermostat set around 70 degrees the year round. Then you’ve have your people from way up north and they are always hot! They say the weather temperatures where they’re from are usually entirely freezing and so when they come to the midwest, they assume the temperatures are just too warm!

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