A Nissan Skyline is what I want

My friends and I live very close to a race track. During the week, the racetrack is normally empty and devoid of cars. The owner of the race track allows us to race our vehicles throughout the week. My friends and I have been working on our cars for many years. My friend Evan has a really nice Toyota Supra 6-speed, which was imported last year. My friends and I work with a local JDM car importer. They can get a lot of Japanese models that are banned in the states. They usually have about four or five JDM cars at any time. They also have a catalog of JDM vehicles that can be exported at any time. Once these cars reach 25 years of age, the JDM car importer can bring anything over here. I was recently looking at the inventory, and set my sights on a really nice Nissan Skyline GTS. The Nissan Skyline GTS is 28 years old, with only 20,000 miles on the car. Honestly, I’m going to pay a pretty huge penny for the car. It’s incredibly difficult to find a twenty-eight-year-old Nissan Skyline GTS, with such low mileage. My old Subaru works great, but I’d really like to buy something older and fix it up. I win a lot of races with the Subaru, but a Nissan Skyline GTS would give me a lot of new options. I would like to add a nice spoiler and even a carbon fiber hood. I also found a really nice Nos kit that would give me even better turbo boost.

Nissan GTRĀ