A terrible day at work

I actually work at a mental health facility. I must say, the other day was one of the most terrible days I had in a long while. One of the worst things happened to us; the HVAC system quit working! The HVAC company was called immediately, but they couldn’t get an HVAC repairman out for several hours, so we had to deal with the angry patients in the facility. Without the A/C functioning, the patients were really getting out of control. Most of them just wanted to get out of the facility, but we could not allow that to happen. We had to unfortunately keep them confined even though the A/C quit working. We opened windows and had fans running, but that was not nearly enough to appease this group of patients. They eventually went nuts breaking things around the facility and coming after the staff members. Two of the patients actually pulled me over to the laundry chute and threw me into it! I went down the laundry chute and actually got stuck toward the bottom. I could have been seriously injured, but being stuck wasn’t very fun. I had to scream for help until finally some of the staff members were able to pull me out. It was such a relief when the HVAC repairman finally showed up and was able to fix the A/C. That’s when the patients received their meds and finally calmed down with the relaxing A/C! It sure was a rough day though. My boss asked me if I wanted to go home after going through that experience, but I’m a strong person and I decided to finish my shift.

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