AC as a status symbol

When I started working with this company, I knew it would not be an easy ladder to climb. I took an entry level position, literally starting at the very bottom, with the stated intent of working my way to upper management. I actually said that in my interview, and the guy really liked my loyalty to the company and my intensity. I punched a clock for a full year, working 50 hours weeks and then taking online classes to get my degree. Once I had that degree, I was able to apply for, and receive, a promotion to a floor manager. A floor manager had a tiny little air conditioned cubicle over the work floor, and it was stuffy but better than the heat of the factory. Six months later I got promoted again, and this time I got a private office upstairs that had both a private bathroom and a dedicated climate control system. The thermostat actually had controls built into my desk, so I didn’t even have to get up to adjust the temperature settings. This was still not good enough for me, because I heard about an executive vice president who had a massive air vent right under his desk. Imagine the cooling power of an AC unit blasting right up your pants? Of course success is not measured in the size of your air conditioning system, but in this company there was a certain status attached to it. The higher you climbed, the bigger the office, the stronger the cooling, the more successful you were going to be.

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