Adding wetness to our air quality

I live in an area with freezing cold weather during the winter.  The outside temperature starts feeling frosty by the end of November, & I usually need to start up the gas furnace at night.  Within a few weeks, the temperature drops below frigid & we often endure temperatures below zero. We can expect the snow & frigid air to hang around until sometime in March.  For more than half the year, I’m forced to keep the windows shut tight. With the gas furnace running, the house becomes seriously dry & stuffy. While all the people are aware of the numerous complications caused by an excess of humidity, people often overlook the consequences of insufficient humidity.  Along the with static shock & static cling, there are health problems. Overly dry air makes us more susceptible to illness, such as respiratory infection, & increases the time of the recovery. Dry skin issues, such as eczema & psoriasis, plus asthma & dust irritations are aggravated by a lack of moisture.  Sore throat, itchy eyes, headache, chapped lips, bloody noses & frizzy hair all complications caused by insufficient humidity. It can also cause wood furnishings & floors to dry out & crack. Plus, dry air feels colder than always moisturized air, leading to higher temperature control settings. By partnering a gas furnace with a humidifier system, I save quite a bit of money.  The gas furnace doesn’t need to labor as hard or as long to maintain a perfect comfort level. Not only do I pay less in utility bills, but it also causes the gas furnace to work more effectively and last for more winters. Because the humidifier introduces necessary moisture back into the indoor air, my house is healthier & far more enjoyable.

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