An icky temperature control device

Certain surprises can be a good thing. Like when I’m having a really terrible dream, but then I wake up and realize that none of it actually happened. Back in school, I remember thinking that I failed a test and stressing about it until I finally received the test back and scored far better than I expected. That was a great feeling! Other times, something will go awry and I’ll suspect a huge problem that will cost a ton of money.  I’ll wonder if I can even manage the costs for the necessary repairs. It sometimes turns out that the problem is quite minor and ends up costing little to nothing. I’ve had this happen with my truck a few times. Recently it was my Heating and Air Conditioning system that had me worried. I suddenly noticed that there was a wide difference between the temperature setting on the thermostat and how it felt in the room. I would adjust the temperature on the thermostat to  keep the house warm in the winter. The house was clearly far more chilly than the setting I chose. The temperature difference became so obvious that I knew I had to do something about it. I suspected that there was something wrong with my furnace. I was reluctant to call a serviceman right away. I decided to research the issue online and hope for some answers. I found the solution quicker than I expected I would. It turns out that the thermostat internal workings simply required cleaning. Once I cleaned out the inside of my thermostat, it was fixed.  The system was able to maintain the right temperature and keep the home perfectly comfortable.

digital thermostat