Bathing in sweat

What a wonderful feeling it is to come home a champion. My team had won the division championship and I had a long night of celebrations, all needed to do was take a shower and relax in my nicely air conditioned room. I placed my newly bought trophy on my bookshelf along with took the longest shower of my entire life. After drying off, I had plenty of energy left to throw myself on my bed and just lay back on the nice, cool covers. I let this mind wander to thoughts associated with victory and thanksgiving. My shape was tremendously sore, as I had taken a good number of hits on the field. The heating for the shower sure felt great, but it was the cooling air that blew from my air conditioner of which truly healed my achy muscle tissues. I felt like there had been a furnace inside my shape! As the cooling air relaxed me, I couldn’t help but see the good fortune that I had today. Not only did everyone win the division title, but our house was just equipped with high tech HVAC equipment. The HVAC technician had show up to our house the day before and put the finishing touches on the new air conditioning unit. What a good day this was! As a cooling air refreshed my careful body, I began to get into a very relaxed sleep. I awoke the next day still ecstatic over the acquire, even more so because a muscles were no longer sore due to the cooling air that lulled me to sleep the night before.

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