Being a manager means having control of the thermostat

Reaching a management position certainly has its perks. After being paid by the hour for so long, a salary was a welcome change. I was eventually able to renovate my home and purchase a much nicer vehicle. They say in business, it’s who you know that gets you places. Not so with me! The previous manager at this job just plain didn’t like me. He was a surly individual at best and a downright hostile one at worst, so when they finally fired him for his terrible people skills,  they simply replaced him with the hardest-working person in the office. The powers to be determined that that was me. I already got along with my coworkers rather well, and the promotion was supported across the board. I try not to overstep or take advantage of my position, but there is one thing I am vain about. I have come to appreciate having complete control over the thermostat. The thermostat is quite prominently displayed behind a plastic, locked box in the manager’s office. The old manager kept things at ridiculously cold temperatures, which inadvertently matched his temperament. I like to think that I keep the offices at a much more reasonable setting, and I have not had any complaints so far. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it is to get work done when you’re not shivering and your teeth aren’t  chattering! Many people who used to bring sweaters and jackets into the office building, even in the middle of summer, don’t even bother anymore. I sure do love being able set a comfortable temperature on the thermostat in our office!

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