Best job ever, not!

My neighbor was excited the other day when she came home from her interview and told me that she had gotten a new job. ¬†I was happy for her because she has been laid off almost 6 months and I knew that her finances were getting very tight. I sat and listened and she explained the responsibilities of her job as a dispatcher for a local HVAC repair company. The company is she was going to be working for was one of the largest ones in the area and they had several shifts available for repair people. This was because they not only service residential units but also handled large commercial ones such as the ones found in hospitals. They needed to have technicians available at all hours of the day and night so they hired my neighbor to work 2nd shift at their company. The job seems pretty straightforward for the most part but when she started to mention that she would be mandated for overtime during the winter I became concerned. Taking into account the fact that she has two small children I couldn’t imagine how she would manage their care if she had to work 12-hour days. She told me that she would make it work somehow because the job was important and she understood that during the winter, the last thing that a customer needs is having their heat not work, especially if it was in a place such as a hospital or large hotel. I wish you the best and know that at least the company is reputable and they will keep her on as long as she is able to do the job.

HVAC specialist